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Shryoan Matte Lipstick

Rs. 175.00


Hey Diva, looking for a glamorous pout that lasts a long time? Get it with the Shryoan Matte Lipstick. Just one stroke of this matte Lipstick is all it takes to cover your lips with high-impact shades. This long-lasting matte Lipstick keeps your lips soft, smooth, and hydrated. Just say "Yes” to Lipstick.


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  • Shryoan Matte Lipstick

    Shryoan Matte Lipstick

    Rs. 175.00

    Every Woman needs trusty or worthy matte Lipstick. One that doesn't smudge, fade or budge From her lips. The Shryoan Matte Lipsticks are here to give you an ultra-smooth, silky-soft matte finish on your lips and discover the power of a long stay. It comes in 20 gorgeous shades that can also be layered and mixed to create an amazing lip look. This weightless formulated Lipstick feels like a light layer on your lips and feels comfortable for all-day wear.

    Matte lipsticks have been around for quite some time, and they've only grown in popularity over the years. It comes with features of lack of shine or gloss, and matte Lipstick has a typically velvety, flat finish, which tends to blend easily and requires a frequent finish. Shryoan matte Lipstick has a long-lasting formula that will help it stay longer and is less likely to transfer onto clothes or glasses. Matte Lipstick is highly pigmented and glides on comfortably and instantly, revealing a rich, bold color in just one stroke.

    When it comes to choosing the perfect matte lipstick shade, it's essential to consider your skin texture. We have 20 breathtaking shades of matte Lipstick to suit all your skin tones. Shryoan nude shades are available in a variety of undertones, from warm to cool, making it easy to find the perfect nude shade for your skin texture and preferences.

    Key Benefits

    • Super Long-lasting: Unlike glossy lipsticks, which are easily smudged or fading and require frequent touch-ups, matte lipsticks have a longer staying power and are less likely to transfer onto clothes or other surfaces.
    • Stunning range of shades: Whether looking for pink or mauve color, the impressive 20 stunning shades deliver a silky matte finish.
    • Perfect Coverage: This matte Lipstick is here to cover your full lips. Get smooth, nourishing of your perfect pout in just one easy stroke. 
    • Silky Matte Finish: Get a soft, subtle, and smooth pout with Shryoan matte Lipstick, offering a silky matte finish to your lips that'll rock any occasion or mood.
    • Waterproof: the waterproof formula of matte lipsticks, which means the shades won't budge or nudge from your lips. It gives you a perfectly smooth pout in just one swipe.
    • Comfortable: This matte Lipstick is very comfortable to wear on your lips, with a smooth, silky touch on your pout.

    In short, matte Lipstick is a great choice for anyone who wants bold, long-lasting shades on their lips that won't smudge, budge or nudge. If you're looking for a matte lipstick that delivers on color, comfort, and longevity, Shryoan Matte lipsticks are definitely worth checking out; they will rock on the perfect occasion or mood.

    Matte Lipstick


    Matte Lipstick
    Matte Lipstick
    • It has an Iconic Weightless formula that feels so good.
    • Just One Stroke Application
    • Has Long Lasting formula
    • Fill your lips using the bullet of the lipstick.

    Customer Reviews

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    Style Tips

    Tip #1

    Layer your lips with 2-3 swipes of matte lipstick for intense color.

    Tip #2

    Use the pointed tip of your pencil lipstick to line your lips.

    Tip #3

    To fill in your pout, press the angled edge of the crayon tip flat on your lips.

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