The days of heavy makeup look are gone!

A regular college day, a small gathering or an interview, a minimalistic makeup look is an ultimate solution to stand out and look fresh! The bare minimum look substitutes for heavy manipulation as it is affordable and it allows your imperfections to shine through.

It’s just a matter of simple tricks and techniques and one can master the art of no-makeup makeup look in absolutely no time. Let’s take a look: 

  1. But first, Skin Wash, moisturize and repeat!
    Before doing anything else, make sure to get rid of tired-looking skin, keep it hydrated, but don’t exfoliate, it might cause redness of the skin. The mystery of maintaining the natural and beautiful glow can only be unlocked by having clean skin. If taken care of that, your half makeup look is done then and there only!
  2. All about that base:
    To assist your skin’s liveliness and glow, apply primer of your choice onto your face. Just after this easy step, apply foundation but rule out the thick, full coverage foundations for this look. Use it only where it is needed. To complete (totally optional) the coverage section, use lightweight concealer for blemishes.

    The last step of this phase is to BLEND and blend it thoroughly to avoid the cakey look.
  3. And everything falls into place!
    Take a damp sponge and apply powder (or cream), it helps in absorbing any excess oil and locks all the glowy goodness. 
  4. A cherry on top!
    Adding shimmer and a nice dewiness to the top of your cheekbones would only enrich your gorgeous skin and for a natural flush, just apply cream blush and a very subtle shade of it on the cheeks, temples, and bridge of the nose.
  5. The brow fantasy
    To enhance the beauty and shape of your natural brows, brush your eyebrow hair upwards with an eyebrow mascara to tie your makeup look together! 
  6. Eyes on the prize
    The final phase of this bare minimum makeup look focuses on eyes and lips. For eyes, apply mascara to open up the eyes without making it look heavy. For lips, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and seal it with your favorite lip balm for a pristine look. 

We’re sure that you are ready to rock a minimal look now! Have fun creating one with more techniques and less number of products. 


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