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Shryoan Color Change Lipstick

Rs. 249.00


Shryoan’s color changing Lipstick that changes color with your pH levels, much as mood changing lipstick rings did in the 1990s, is the latest sensation that allows you to tell something intimate about yourself without uttering a word. While it won't show whether you're happy, sad, or particularly irritated since you missed your train this morning, This magic color-changing lipstick transforms into a distinct tint on each individual's lips. Even if you and your friend purchase the same color changing lip gloss/ color change gel lipstick, it will seem radically different on both of you. Fun!


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  • color changing lipstick

    Shryoan Color Change Lipstick

    Rs. 249.00

    Shryoan’s color changing lipstick goes on clear and gradually changes shade based on your skin's pH as well as the true tone of your lips. This makes it an excellent choice if you're having trouble deciding on a lipstick tint to wear, as it will naturally accentuate your own lip color. It's also very different from regular lipstick in that it looks different on everyone who wears it.

    When you first apply color-changing lipstick, it usually appears as a translucent or clear gloss with a hint of shimmer. As magic color lipstick interacts with your lips, it reacts to the specific conditions mentioned earlier, leading to a shift in color. The pigments or dyes in the shryoan’s magic color change lipstick  respond to the variations in pH or temperature, causing them to undergo a chemical reaction that shows their appearance.

     In addition to the shryoan’s  color-changing magic lipstick, It often has a hydrating and glossy formula that adds shine and moisture to your lips. They typically contain ingredients like oils, waxes, and emollients to provide a smooth and comfortable feel. Some color-changing lip gloss may also have a fruity or minty flavor to enhance the overall sensory experience.

    Color-changing lipstick or mood changing lipstick  are an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile lip product that can adapt to different occasions and moods. Whether you're going for a subtle, natural look or a bolder, more vibrant lip color, color-changing lip gloss offers an element of surprise and personalization that can elevate your makeup game.



    • Color-Changing Lipstick: Color changing lipsticks are designed to transform their color upon application, typically reacting to the pH level of your lips or the surrounding environment. The magic lipstick initial shade may vary from person to person, making each application unique.
    • Personalized Shade: The color-changing magic lipstick adjusts its color to create a personalized shade that complements your natural lip color. This personalized touch adds a customized and natural-looking hue to your lips.
    • Versatile Range of Shades: Color changing magic lipsticks often offer a broad range of colors within a single product. As the lipstick interacts with your lips' pH or temperature, it can produce different shades, ranging from subtle pinks and nudes to vibrant reds or berry tones.
    • Moisturizing Formulation: Lipsticks in bullet form typically have moisturizing properties to keep your lips hydrated and prevent dryness. They may contain nourishing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, or oils to provide a smooth and comfortable application.
    • Long-Lasting Wear: Many color changing lipsticks have a long-wearing formula, ensuring that the color stays on your lips for an extended period without fading or smudging. This feature allows you to enjoy the transformed shade throughout the day.

    • It offers deep lip care. Also, it changes into a beautiful pinkish color after applying.
    • It restores moisture and repairs dryness.
    • It is suitable for travel.
    • It is available in 6 delectable flavours.
    • Using the tip of your stick, start applying to the upper lip from the cupid's bow. Likewise, start at the bottom lip, starting at the corner, and slide over it to get the finished look.
    Squalane Glycol Palmitate, Caprylic/capric Triglyceride Polyisobutene, Dibutyl Lauroyl Glutamide Dibutyl Ethylhexanoyl Glutamidem Paraffinum Liquidu, Ethylene/propylene/ Styrene Copolymer, Tocopherol, Aka104(1), Fragrance, Propylparaben

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