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Night Time Skincare Routine

The day has ended, and tiredness has taken over you. You’re headed to a goodnight’s sleep, but you remember that you have your makeup on! The dilemma of whether you want to wash your face or not starts now! But, hold on! Are you the only one who is exhausted? The answer is NO! Your skin and you are on the same page at night.


Tiredness is often overwhelming and isn't relieved by sleep and rest. Hence, you and your skin need extra care. 

It’s time to give your skin a break. Let us tell you how: 


  1. Cleanse - Your skin comes in contact with many things, and you are not even aware of half of those things. It includes contact with your phone, people, your hands, etc. To avoid general dullness and clogging of pores, one needs to cleanse. It helps to remove dirt and pollution which builds on the outer layer of skin when exposed to the environment. 

Who would want their skin to feel rough and uneven the next day? So, cleanse, it helps!

  1. Treat - Apply some serum just after cleansing, it helps to get rid of skin issues. Before choosing a serum, make sure you have a look at all the ingredients present in the product. Make a rule of clicking your picture every week to see the results of each product. 

            Ladies and Gentlemen, time to make a wise choice!

  1. Hydrate - From a cosmetic standpoint, when your skin is hydrated, it gives you a more healthy and youthful look as compared to when you keep your skin dehydrated. It leads to a lack of moisture, which in turn leads to oily skin. 

Hydrating your skin helps to improve the elasticity of the skin which leads to the blocking of appearances of wrinkles. 


  1. Moisturize - It’s time to lock in all the good deeds that you’ve done to your skin. What we mean is, it’s necessary to moisturize your skin, so that all the steps before this stage give you all a fruitful result. You can also use a face mask to end the process!


Everybody! Now you’re ready to sleep with no makeup on, and clear skin!


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