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Netflix and Shryoan

Brown lipsticks, bold makeup, eyeliner ruled the trends in the 90s. But the real question is who brought all these trends to life? This fashion was a part of every other sitcom and hence, ubiquitous but ‘the one who’ made them huge makeup items was F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Yes! Be it Rachel’s experimentation on her makeup in every season, be it Phoebe’s not-so-heavy-but-eccentric makeup or be it Monica’s brown lipstick obsession, they all have done their bit in influencing people back in the 90s and we can’t see this going away now as well. Their sense of humor was astonishing but their fashion and makeup made them enter the top lists of Gen Z. 

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of FRIENDS, let’s revisit some of its characters:

  1. Jump to dark or muted shades of Red and Orange with Monica: 
    The most dramatic character had the most dramatic makeup. Monica, the neat freak, made sure that her makeup is clean and enough to make headlines. With her go-to berry and burgundy lip shades, moderate reddish-brown eyeshadow, she looked downright luminescent. With the consistent and perfect transformation, she gave us a lot to get inspired from. 
  2. Get that no-makeup makeup look with Rachel: From being daddy's girl to being a successful businesswoman, she made certain that she’s not going to settle for anything less which includes her makeup as well. Her effortless yet spellbinding makeup is perfect for an every-day look. Her makeup color scheme covered all the brown-toned shades which were sufficient to make smokey eyes look subtle.
  3. Phoebe’s ‘Ah! SO 90’s’ makeup: A Goddess who is fun and jolly. Her makeup was just inspired by these traits. She never hesitated to wear fun colors on her face. Give her palette of purple hues and she’ll do wonders with it! To complete her makeup look, she always went ahead with a bold, glossier pink lip shade. 
  4. Go Bold with Joey Tribbiani: You read it right! Joey was capable of rocking the bold lip shades and we’ve seen in the series itself. He wore it as he owned it. As Shryoan is an all-inclusive brand, we wouldn’t mind making him the brand ambassador. 

It is exciting to see the 90’s coming back and even more so when we have these people to look up to for our makeup inspiration. They made stepping out of the comfort zone enjoyable.

A side tip: Don’t let Ross do your makeup. (If you know what we mean)

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