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Matte Lips to Glitter Eyes: Unpacking the Decade's Biggest Makeup Trends
Makeup trends go and come, but some historic makeup looks are always around us. Makeup—with styles popping up and disappearing as quickly as they arrived. With the internet and social media at our fingertips, we are constantly bombarded with new influences and inspirations, making it more challenging than ever to stand out. However, despite the industry's fast pace, some trends have managed to stick around and become defining features of modern makeup.

At the start of the decade, the trend for fake tanning swept through the industry, promising the perfect beach body all year round. Thankfully this trend quickly faded as people became aware of the harmful effects of excessive tanning on their skin. From there, the "lit from within" look emerged, with Harper Bazaar highlighting it as a popular trend in 2011. This trend has continued to evolve and has become a staple feature of modem makeup, providing a radiant, natural glow to the skin.

 Eye makeup has also significantly transformed in the past decade, starting with the classic smokey eye and thick eyeliner. However, this look became more intricate and artsy over time, with bold and bright colours, graphic shapes, and unique textures. 

The trend for thick, bold brows also emerged, with celebrities like Lily Collins leading the way, Influencers like Many MUA and James Charles. Helped to popularize this trend on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, inspiring others to experiment with their bro and shape styles; Contouring also became a defining feature of the decade, thanks mainly to Kim Kardashian West's infamous before-and-after contouring selfie in 2014. This technique involves shading and highlighting various points on the face to create a more sculpted, chiselled look. The strobing and baking techniques were later added to the mix, adding extra highlights and depth to the front.

Lipstick trends also underwent a significant transformation, with the rise of a liquid lipstick and the matte lip look. Beauty moguls like Jeffree star and Kylie Jenner helped to popularize this bold, long-lasting lipstick, which has remained a staple of modern makeup ever since.
At the end of the decade, eye makeup continued to progress, with the trend for editorial makeup gaming popularity thanks to the hit HBO show "Euphoria".

Makeup artist Doniella Davy's bold and colourful looks inspired many to experiment with their makeup, pushing the boundaries of what was previously considered normal and acceptable. Alongside this, the trend for no-makeup makeup emerged, with people opting for a more natural, effortless look that enhances their natural beauty and flaws.

Despite the industry's fast pace, there are still plenty of opportunities for originality and creativity. From improving on past successes to coming up with entirely new techniques, there are no limits to what can be achieved in a world of makeup. Whether you prefer a bold statement, look or something more natural and understated, there is no right or wrong way to express yourself through makeup.   

The past decade has seen many defining trends in makeup, with some sticking around and becoming staple features of modern beauty. From the "lit from within" look to bold brows and graphic eye makeup, there is no shortage of inspiration and influence in the industry. As we move into the new decade, it will be interesting to see what trends emerge and new techniques are developed, but one thing is sure - the beauty industry is here to stay.

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