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From the Reel to The Real: How the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Netflix Show Characters Inspired Makeup Trends
Hey gorgeous people! Obsessed with the TV show's characters' makeup look? Don't worry. We are here to guide you on how you can track down a few pretty, unique beauty looks in your everyday routine. The most popular TV series, "FRIENDS", has been not only a great entertaining show to watch for its audience but also a fashion and beauty inspiration for many people. From Monica's bold lipstick obsession to Rachel's iconic haircut, each character in this famous TV show had a unique & attractive style that inspired many people. They all take us back to the '90s era, and we can't stop to see this going away now as well.

Let's start with the most dramatic look, Ummm, ever!

Dark & Muted Shades with Monica: You will get obsessed!

"Ooh la la", The most dramatic character, has the most dramatic makeup look; Monica, an aspiring chef, and her passion for cooking loves to clean & keep things in order. Monica's makeup was all about making a statement. She's famous for her bold lipsticks, from bold red lipstick to dark brownish lipstick that complements her complexion. Her makeup also includes a subtle smokey eye and well-groomed eyebrows. She was also an inspiration for so many girls, with her sleek bob and straight hair becoming the most popular character & motivation for many girls. So, what are you waiting for? Create a fantastic bold look inspired by her with us. Shryoan offers a wide range of bold red lipstick to brownish lipstick inspired by Monica's aggressive look.

Ummm, have you not been obsessed with a no-makeup makeup look? 
Let's take a closer look at the flawless natural look of Rachel Green!

Get a natural-beauty makeup look with Rachel's no-makeup makeup look.

Rachel Green blessed the audience with not just a well-known character in FRIENDS. From being daddy's girl to being a successful businesswoman,
 She also got an eye-catching inspired no-makeup makeup look for an everyday look. Her makeup was all about enhancing natural beauty. Her signature look included a flawless base, soft pink blush, and neutral lip color. So, grab our no-makeup makeup beauty & products and create a fantastic Rachel look.
That's not all! Let us introduce the most cheerful & generous character: Phoebe Buffay.

Get Bold with Phoebe's Ah! So 90's makeup

La, la, Love 90s Trends!
Despite having experienced trauma, she is still a funny and jolly character in FRIENDS. Ahh! Let's talk about her '90s makeup that inspired too many people. Phoebe's makeup is all about fun & play. She often wore bright colors on her lips, such as a hot pink or coral shade, and would sometimes wear blue eyeliner to match her color outfit, which became a trend in the 90s era. So get ready with Shryoan cosmetics that offer a wide range of hot pink or coral shades to achieve Phoebe's 90 makeup look.

Fearless attitude towards makeup with Joey Tribbiani's

Uff, that classic 90's trend for males.

An aspiring Italian actor! He is a well-known actor who played a poor character in the FRIENDS T.V. show. While Joey didn't wear much makeup, his grooming routine was on point. He often wore a well-groomed beard that was neatly trimmed and shaped. His hair was typically styled with a bit of gel or pomade to keep it in place, and he always had a clean shave.

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