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Talk about game-changer and Individualism tops the list. It is the key to set oneself free from the locks of archaic notions of beauty. 


It’s not easy to be original, to be yourself but it’s even tougher to walk on the path that society lays down for us. Our visions are blurred by the customary standards; nevertheless, the control to not incline towards that idea is in our hands. Shryoan supports the idea of shunning all restrictive societal norms and stands in favor of showing the true identity. 


Shryoan, as a woke brand, aims to grow on the aspects mentioned below:


  • Flawed thoughts, not skin- Let’s accept the fact that our thoughts are more flawed than our skin. People are bullied and excluded on the basis of their flaws. Shryoan as a makeup brand is positioned to embrace the flaws and overcome perfectionism to make people more confident about themselves and feel like a beautiful poem. 


 Keep in mind: Nobody wants perfect, flaws are beautiful.


  • For all- Moving ahead of all labels, Shryoan believes in a space that is gender-neutral. Either Male, or female, or any of the other 71 known gender identities, the brand has products for everyone which makes it all-inclusive. Promoting individuality and believing in equality is the only goal that Shryoan aims at.


  • Diversity matters- One of the naked truths of human life—namely, is that there are many different kinds of people in this world. The communication of the brand conveys an all-inclusive range of makeup which helps people to beautify their unique style/taste with vibrancy, confidence, and class. 


  • Celebrate yourself: People often hide their true selves to run away from the judgments. But little do they know that they can always inspire others and make a difference if they believe in themselves and how they look. Our brand encourages people to celebrate and praise themselves for who they are and simultaneously change things up, most of them which are conventional.


Being original is a work of art and we all are artists in this world. 

Keep your originality on fleek, makeup will follow.

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