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Lips that are moisturized and nourished from the inside are what a lady desires every single day and night. Few of you ladies have soft and supple lips whereas some of you struggle with regular chapping of lips. In order to take care of your delicate lips, you go through every regimen possible just to ensure you get such lips are the talk of the town. However, do you know, the lip care routine is not a recent trend. It has been into existence since the ages of Mesopotamia.

The ancient Egyptians made use of grounded semi-precious stones which helped them to make their lips slightly pigmented. The purple colored lip stain was made through iodine, focus-algin and bromine mannite which were so hazardous to the health that it caused numerous sever disorders and premature deaths as well. Other ways of lip coloring ranged from extracting colors from pulverized beetles, henna and crushed fish scales. Can you imagine that?

By the Elizabethan era, the lip colors were extracted from flowers, plants which were then mixed with beeswax. After the advent of Queen Victoria, lip stains were banished from England. As per her statement, lip stains and other makeup products were only limited to the women with questionable morals.

The French were the first people who put in effort to provide lip coloring the respect that it required. It was the 19th Century when a cosmetic company by the name Guerlain manufactured lipsticks that were made with the help of castor oil, beeswax, tallow and pigments. With the coming 20th Century, lipstick was not a social taboo anymore and soon it became a household name in the world. Since then, lipsticks have continued to help a dull face get an instant shine.

In the past many decades, lipsticks have been formed in various textures namely creamy, gloss, matte, shimmer and what not. The main purpose of wearing a lipstick is to amplify the whole personality of a woman. Have you ever thought how you would look if you have done makeup on your face but leave your lips as they were? Your lips will look so pale and dull that your other face makeup wonÕt be able to save your day from getting ruined.

So, don your perfect shade of lipsticks, lip glosses, or whatever that boost your morale. But, beware of the brands that try to loot while simultaneously damaging your beautiful lips. Many companies charge high for the lip colors that they provide to their clients but make use of such toxic chemicals that causes many skin and health issues. When these brands do not think about your skin, then why do you waste your money and risk your life by using their products?

Opt for natural ways to treat your lips with us, Shryoan Cosmetics. We have variants of lips stains like lipsticks, lip liners, lip gloss, lip balms and everything which will make your lips more luscious and dazzling. We believe in keeping your skin safe which is why we make use of natural ingredients in our lip colors along with adding more pigmentation so that it makes your lips rich in color providing deep hue and texture.