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Eye makeup has always been in the beauty news for the ladies. Eyeliner and Mascara might have got popular in the 20th Century, however, the effort of looking flawless dates back to the ancient times. Moreover, the eye beauty enhancer products were not just limited to ladies as men too were fond of making their eyes bright and expressive.

During the era of Egyptians, the rulers and their ladies were obsessed with acquiring a doe-eyed appearance which eventually led them to opt for various weird methods such as mixing the crocodile earth with donkeyÕs liver, etc. Furthermore, they made use of grounded lead, galena copper, malachite and iron manganese and kept it in the alabaster containers. However, there is a lot more than what meets the eye. The presence of such substances in the eye makeup was so toxic to the human body that it actually caused irritability, hair loss, permanent skin discoloration and untimely death.

Such eye makeup materials were used until the era of Elizabeth, after which a sudden decline was observed in women using such elements. After few years, the advent of safe eye makeup products like eyeliner and eyeshadow created quite a buzz in the world and gradually, its popularity rose so much that now, even a two year old knows all about the products required to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Now, with the increased awareness of eye makeup all around the world, many cosmetic companies have come into being with their myriad assortments of eye makeup essentials namely Kohl (kajal), eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, false eyelashes, and a lot more. It has favorably affected the growth of eye makeup industry into manifold.

With so many brands available in the market, it makes your task of choosing the one quite a tad harder. As the cosmetic industry is rapidly growing, many companies have come up with various plans to make money without providing the purest and honest service to their customers. By adulterating the cosmetic products with dreadful chemicals, they play with the womenÕs safety with zero shame.

To save you young and adult women, we, Shryoan Cosmetics have come up with so a range of eye makeup products that are certainly going to change the way you look at the eye makeup. Along with providing you with what your eyes require, our eye goods are going to keep your eyes safe through the time of life.

The eye makeup collection of Shryoan Cosmetics includes everything that meets your eye requirement. From deeply-pigmented eyeliner to volumizing mascara, attractive false eyelashes to gleaming eyeshadows, we have all you need to exhilarate your dull eyes.

Our entire eye beauty range is naturally-made, thus providing no skin irritation, redness or any such skin issues at all. In addition, all these products are rich on pigmentation which allows them to make your eyes look more intense, bold and beautiful. With the sole mission of assisting you pretty lasses with the daily makeup regime, we produce such eye makeup range that remains subpar safe on your skin and helps you confidently augment the hidden exquisiteness of your eyes.