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A variant of lipstick, lip gloss is basically put on to provide a lustrous look to the lips. You ladies would definitely have heard about the lip glosses as it has been around for a while now. Back in the year 1930, the first ever popular makeup artist Max Factor invented the Lip Gloss. The main purpose of Lip Gloss was to give a shine and gloss finish to the lips. Since then, it has been used in the film industry as well as by common people doing their daily chores.

A time came when the flavored lip glosses came into being. These flavored lip gloss acquired so much popularity that now you can easily see so many flavors and variants available in lip glosses.

Many cosmetic companies manufacture lip gloss; however, not everybodyÕs formula to make lip gloss is authenticated. As the adulteration of cosmetics is on the rise, you must be cautious and choose your lipstick wisely.

Here at Shryoan Cosmetics, you can get yourself an assortment of lip gloss that are rich with moisture to provide your lips with not just color but also keep them extremely moisturized and hydrated, preventing them from getting chapped. Also, the pigmentation of the lip glosses made by Shryoan Cosmetics is too deep that gives your lips an intense coverage. So what are you waiting for now? Offer your defined lips with a glossy finish with Shryoan CosmeticsÕ exceedingly-pigmented lip glosses. No matter which skin tone you own, we have every hue of lip gloss that will amplify your entire look to another level.