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Having a luscious lips which is always moisturized enough to avoid getting chapped is what all the ladies desire of. However, during the hectic schedule, women all around the world do not get enough time to take care of their lips which is why their pretty little lips end up being flaky and dry.

Lipstick is one of the most common makeup products which are used by millions of ladies round the world. For around 5000 years, lipsticks have been into existence. The only difference is that at the ancient time period, it was not developed in the form of tubular lipsticks that we have today. The ancient people made use of various substances to color their lips such as rubbing flower petals and many more.

Gradually, as the 19th Century era was coming to an end, a French cosmetic brand began manufacturing lipsticks which grew in popularity and afterwards, many women started applying lipsticks on their lips.

Now, such time has come that even if you are not planning to step out of your abode, you still put on a lipstick and relax at your place. But, as many brands make use of hazardous materials to produce lipsticks, you need to ware of them to prevent your skin from getting unwanted damage.

With Schryoan Cosmetics, you get the opportunity to give your lips a long lasting and smooth finish in myriad of tints and textures. As we make hundred percent skin-friendly lipsticks that are high on pigmentation, you can easily make your lips have a matte, creamy or satin look.