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Eyeshadow has always been on the news for its ability of enhancing the entire look of a lady by multiple times. Ever since the existence of humans, eyeshadows has been a vital part of the ladiesÕ makeup ritual. Remarkably, eyeshadow makeup dates back to the Egyptian era where it was used as a part of the Egyptian burials.

As the time went by, the usage of burnt matchstick as a form of eyeshadow was in rage. Many other similar techniques were used by the ladies of the past Centuries which affected their eyes very badly. But, gradually, the real formation of eyeshadow came into being which proved to be appropriate for the eyes, providing the required emphasis a woman needed for her eyes.

An eyeshadow basically adds dimension and depth to the eyes, making it more beautiful and attractive to look at. Modern women have made it a must to apply eyeshadow to every special occasion, if not daily, in order to make a striking statement.

With the advent of innumerable cosmetic brands promising to deliver high-quality products, we understand that it is not easy to trust the one that is genuinely honest to its customers and keeps in mind the safety of their skin.

However, we, Shryoan Cosmetics believe that we are the one where you will get your desired eyeshadows that are not just richly-pigmented but completely safe on your beautiful eyes. Opt for a neutral, vibrant or bold look with just a touch of your favorite color eyeshadow and augment the exquisiteness of your eyes in an instant.