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If you have always thought that highlighter and bronzer is the same thing, think again! These two beauty products are completely different from each other, having two different functionalities as well. A bronzer is basically used to make the skin appear quite tanned but the highlighter on the other hand, helps to emphasize some parts of the face such as cheeks, forehead, nose, etc.

Highlighter rose to fame recently as the social media grew highly-popular and with the help of channels like YouTube and Instagram, common ladies sought more knowledge on the importance and usage of highlighter in the daily makeup regime.

Likewise, bronzer came into being quite a few decades ago when the popularity of getting a tanned skin without the involvement of the Sun grew worldwide. Initially, the white-skinned people went for the tanning options among which bronzer were one of them. Now, bronzer is used by many women all over the world to acquire a smooth and evenly tanned look on the face and other parts of the body.

However, not to forget, many renowned cosmetic brands get their hands dirty to provide you with expensive bronzers. They test their bronzers on animals and sometimes make use of animal ingredients to manufacture bronzers that they claim are of high-quality.

It is time you say goodbye to these animal-torturing vicious brands and focus on relying upon the ones that produce cruelty-free cosmetics. We, Shryoan Cosmetics, ensure to let the innocent animals enjoy their life and focus on developing naturally-made bronzers and highlighters that smoothly glides over your face, thus accentuating your appealing features much more than usual.